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Engineers Without Borders

International Project

The International Team is currently working to improve access to clean water resources for a small village called Naki in rural Eastern Kenya. In Naki, the most reliable source of drinking water is filling up buckets in cattle tanks (makeshift ponds) that are up to a mile away from the village. Since kids, mostly girls, are responsible for the chore of fetching drinking water, many won’t even have the chance to go to school. Additionally, the village is an agriculturally-based one, and struggling to have enough water may also mean struggling to have enough food. EWB International hopes that providing a more reliable access to clean drinking water may not only be good for their health, safety, and lifestyle, but also have positive economic and societal impacts as well.

Future Goals
– Designing a professional-quality water resource solution for Naki that can be implemented virtually
– Raising funds to aid with the construction of water system in Naki
– Traveling to Kenya upon authorization from ASU

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Presidents - Katie Sue Pascavis & Alex Turner

Vice President - Kathleen Myers-Hauessler

Treasurer - Sam Banen

Secretary - Haley Prey

Social Media Manger - Kaitlyn Yeager

Equipment Manager - Gabriel Dryden

Historian - Jayashree Adivarahan

Recruitment Manager - August Westby

Fundraising Chair - Tyler Norkus

Outreach Chair - Tatum McMillan

Event Manager - Erin Smythe

Head of K-12 Outreach - Emma Skags

Head of Web Development - Rishon Dev Netala