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Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders

Arizona State University Student Chapter


EWB ASU partners with communities, locally and around the globe, to assist with their engineering needs. Programs are started when community members approach EWB ASU for help on a project they have in mind; after engaging in open discussion, EWB-ASU will pinpoint the specific needs of the community and work with the community on the projects address those needs.

Over the following years, EWB ASU will design and work with the community to implement these projects. In conjunction, EWB-ASU will monitor the implemented projects for several years, helping the community to replicate the technology at other sites and making any necessary design improvements, ensuring the sustainability and continued success of implemented projects.


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Officer Contact

President - Hunter Fog

Vice President Internal - Anna Kruse

Vice President External - Alex Owen

Treasurer - Cole Barnett

Secretary - Sarthak Gupta

Social Media - Emma Horn

Events - Nathan Conte

Historian/Recruitment Manager - Jackson Krug

Fundraising - Jaafar Al Shamari

Outreach Chair - Ryan Sisk

Equipment Manager - Callahan Farr

Head of Web Development - Peter Bugala